Our Commitment to Privacy

Metaps Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Metaps”) is committed to the protection of the personal data of those who use the third party’s applications that utilize our (analytics) services (hereinafter the third party will be referred to as “Partners” and the said Partners’ applications will be referred to as “Applications”. In addition, users of Applications will be referred to as “Users”), as well as those who access Metaps website ( This privacy policy is for the purpose of presenting guidelines regarding the use of the Metaps website. Metaps collects Users' personal data in order to provide desired services and improve the user experience, as well as inform Users of relevant products, services and promotional events.

As will be described in this policy, Metaps may share Users' personal data with Metaps Inc. and its group companies including subsidiaries and affiliates (including foreign companies) and substantially the same on organization restructuring (hereinafter referred to as “Group Compaies”) and, under certain circumstances, with third parties that provide services on our behalf or with whom we have partnered to offer a particular product or service. This policy will describe the Users' personal data Metaps collects, reasons for Metaps collecting Users' personal data, how the data is utilized, under what conditions the data is shared with third parties, and how user data is acquired by Metaps.

In the event there are revisions made to this policy, the contents of those revisions will be posted on the Metaps website. Users can tell if this Policy has changed by checking the revisions date that appears at the top. When we change the policy in a material way, we will provide notice by posting notices or links to notices on Metaps website. Users may change how Users provide Users’ personal data to Metaps at any time.

Metaps Privacy Policy: Table of Contents
  • Collected Information
  • Utilization of Collected Information
  • Sharing of Information
  • Information Management
  • Security Measures
    1. Use of Cookies
    2. Use of Web Beacons
    3. Links to other Websites
  • Information Storage
  • Disabling Advertising ID
  • Rights to Privacy / Questions and Comments
Collected Information

Metaps collects Users’ personal data from its website, services, and Applications, as well as processes and stores personal data that Users have voluntary provided. The collection, acquisition, processing, and storage of personal data is carried out in compliance with the applicable data protection laws on means of communication, which includes electronics.

Metaps does not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the age of 13 in the United States or knowingly allow such persons to use the services. If you believe that Metaps may have any information about a child under 13 located in the United States, please contact “”.

The following outlines the information that is acquired and stored:

1. Usage Data

When Users' use Metaps' services or website, the IP address, domain name, OS and model of the device or computer used to access the said services is automatically saved. Simultaneously, by using cookies, etc., information regarding browser, accessed pages, and usage time of the website or service is also saved.

2. Service Usage through Mobile Devices

2.1 Users may access Metaps' content and services through mobile devices (multi-function phones, etc. using Android or iOS.).

2.2 Metaps collects information such as adverting ID (Google AID, IDFA) over the course of several user interactions with Applications (including download of Applications). By utilizing and interacting with the Applications, Users are deemed to agree to allow Metaps to utilize their advertising ID in return for desired services and products. Metaps will not utilize Users' advertising IDs for any purposes other than those stipulated in this policy. Moreover, Users' advertising IDs will not be shared with any third parties apart from those stipulated in this policy.

2.3 Metaps acquires the aforementioned Users’ advertising ID, as well as information regarding Users’ Application usage (including billing data for the Application) and operational status (usage data). In addition, Metaps may acquire time stamps regarding when Users click advertisements, download Applications, and begin installation, and Users' IP addresses.

2.4 Metaps stores the Application as well as its “unique ID” on keychains, etc., of each device, and collects this “unique ID” when Users download the Application onto a device. This “unique ID” cannot collect any personal identifiable information. In addition, Metaps will not use the “unique ID” or share the User’s “unique ID” with any third party, for any purposes other than those set forth in this policy.

3. E-mail Addresses

Metaps stores Users' email addresses that have been provided by Users as an electronic means of communication.

4. Information Generated from Communications

When Users contact Metaps' customer support through email, Metaps collects and stores personal data such as email addresses and communication histories in order to best meet Users' needs. Metaps does not and will not share this information with third parties.

5. Other Information that is Voluntarily Provided

Metaps constantly endeavors to improve the services we provide and strives to better meet the needs of Users. Users, through direct communications with Metaps or using its services, may provide personal data such as name, address, age, sex, and interests, as well as information regarding payments when online payments are made. It is also possible that users allow Metaps to collect and record usage data from websites operated by business partners.

Utilization of Collected Information

In order to provide the best user experience possible, in accordance with the applicable data protection law, Metaps collects, utilizes, and discloses Users' personal data for the following purposes:

1.1 Service Optimization:

Metaps collects, processes, and stores Users’ personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection law for legitimate business and legal purposes. In other words, Metaps collects, processes, and stores User’s personal data for the purposes of acquiring a better understanding of Users' experiences with the website and services to enable Metaps to provide better service. For example, Metaps processes and utilizes personal data not only for direct interactions with Users such as service usage, billing, customer service usage, but also to identify problems and abuses regarding Metaps' website and services.

1.2 Prevention and Combat of Abuse:

In accordance with the applicable data protection law, Metaps collects and stores Users’ personal data regarding use of Metaps' website and services. This includes the monitoring of abuse and behavior that may be useful in detecting misuse or inappropriate behavior by Users. For example, Metaps detects the use of illicit script from User behavior using specialized software, as well as identify relevant data such as IP address. In the event it is determined that a User has violated the contractual agreements by which they are bound through actions such as using illicit script, Metaps reserves the right to utilize collected data (and other data) on the User to confirm the violation, as well as take additional action against the violating User in order to return to a normal state of operations.

1.3 Billing of Service Fees:

In accordance with the applicable data protection law, Metaps reserves the right to share Users’ personal data with payment processing service providers for the purposes of charging service fees. Metaps also reserves the right to provide Users’ personal data to third parties commissioned to collect payment balances, insofar as this information is required or useful to collect the balance. Metaps will inform Users of the name of the third parties. In the event there is collaboration with third parties for such tasks, Metaps is responsible to ensure that the third party complies with the applicable data protection law and carries out sufficient data protection measures.

1.4 Transmission of Information:

In accordance with the applicable data protection law, Metaps may utilize a User's personal data for the purposes of sending newsletters or offer information to that User. Users have the option of withdrawing their consent (unsubscribing) at any time by sending a written notice through email. It is also possible to withdraw consent by sending a transmission termination request (unsubscribing) using newsletters or information received.

1.5 Market Research:

In accordance with the applicable data protection law, Metaps reserves the right to utilize or disclose Users’ personal data that was saved or provided by Users for the purposes of conducting research on User distribution, interests, and usage behavior. This research is carried out anonymously and Metaps reserves the right to analyze stored information on Users as a statistical aggregate that does not identify individual Users. Measurement data may be utilized as reference material upon advertisement delivery or statistical data which does not include information that identifies individual Users. In the event it is possible to identify a User through a User profile, Metaps will, under no circumstances, share such data with third parties (except for Metaps Inc. and its Group Companies) without the User's consent.

1.6 Delivery of Targeted Advertising:

Metaps has enabled the delivery of targeted advertising that makes use of collected data on this service's content delivery, effectiveness metrics, access analysis, and advertisement delivery etc. Moreover, Metaps may use this data for the purposes of collaborative delivery of targeted advertising with external data operators.

1.7 Usage on Metaps Analytics for Start Apps

Metaps may use personal data of Users obtained through the Partner’s Application which uses Metaps Analytics for Start Apps for other Partners such as for User’s behavior analysis on the Application and report such analysis to the such other Partners etc., including providing personal data of Users to other Partners, provided however that, all the personal data of Users are not subject to such use since Metaps does not use such data depending on the Application.

1.8 Others:

Regarding User’s personal data that is voluntarily provided upon request, Metaps will utilize this information with the Users' consent.

Sharing of Information

Metaps regards all acquired Users’ personal data as confidential, however, there may be cases in which this data is shared with third parties. In accordance with the applicable data protection law, Metaps may share Users’ personal data in the methods and with the third parties described below:

1. Metaps may share Users’ personal data with: customer information management agents or companies who provide services on Metap's behalf such as for conducting surveys, promotion, or delivering information to Users. These service providers will not be granted the authority to release or utilize the Users’ personal data for any other purpose.

2. Users’ personal data will be provided to the Partners so as to analyze the Application. Metaps is not responsible for how Users’ usage data is utilized by the Partners. Users are asked to confirm the policies of the Partners, as well as understand the methods and purposes of usage data use.

3. Metaps may share Users’ personal data with other businesses for the purposes of conducting joint marketing activities that aim to provide Users with products, services, content, and promotions. Apart from the sharing of information with other businesses to conduct joint marketing activities, Metaps will not at any time sell nor lend Users’ personal data to third parties (except for Metaps Inc. and its Group Companies) to conduct marketing activities regarding the third parties' own products and services.

4. In the event that the data is necessary for national interests, or there is an investigation or proceedings by an official body in which it is in the public's interest to release, there may be cases in which Users’ personal data is released.

5. When Users exchange promotional offers or participate in surveys from the Partners, Metaps may share Users’ personal data with the Partners when the information becomes necessary to complete a survey or proceedings.

6. Metaps may share Users’ personal data with Metaps Inc. and its Group Companies for the purposes of marketing research and data analysis.

7. Unless explicitly described in this privacy policy, Metaps is the only party that may utilize the Users’ personal data it collects, and such information will not be shared with any third parties.

Third parties other than Partners do not collect personally identifiable information about Users’ online activities over time and across different online services when Users use the services.

The Metaps website and the services Metaps provides do not respond to or recognize web browser “do not track” signals or other mechanisms that provide consumers the ability to exercise choice regarding the collection of their personally identifiable information about users’ online activities over time and across third party sites or apps.

Information Management

Communication with Users is done solely at Users' request. Users may choose whether to receive information or not at Users’ own discretion. In accordance with the applicable data protection law, users have the following rights through submission of appropriate documentation:

● The right to withdraw consent regarding the collection, use, and disclosing of their personal data

● The right to request access to their personal data

● The right to make revisions to the contents of their personal data

Please contact “” for the following:

● When you wish to access or revise the contents of your personal data, or when you wish to withdraw consent for collection, use, or disclosing of your personal data

Additionally, Metaps may communicate with Users through email to send notices of promotional events. If you wish to unsubscribe from this email mailing list, please contact“” and your request will be processed within 30 business days.

Security Measures

Metaps protects the Users’ personal data that it possesses and manages using appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, use, and release of said data, as well as to deliver a safe online experience. For the protection of User privacy and to ensure the safety of Users’ personal data, Metaps takes physical and electronic, as well as contractual, and managerial security measures. Metaps regularly and periodically monitors both the system and server. Metaps also regularly conduct tests that are monitored by our experts to continuously work to improve security.

When Users enter their personal data on the Metaps website, their transmitted information is protected using secure socket layer (SSL) technology. By encrypting data that is exchanged on the internet, SSL is a standard security measure that prevents others from knowing the data's contents. By using SSL, which is the global standard for encryption technology, customers' personal information that is dispersed across the web is securely protected. Although appearances may differ depending on which browser is used, as an unbroken key or lock is displayed in front of the URL, it means that SSL is working and the page is secure. By observing the URL that is displayed on the browser, Users can confirm their security yet further. When accessing a secure server, the first few letters of the displayed URL should change from “http” to “https.”

People who try to obtain personal data fraudulently are known to use a scam known as “phishing,” wherein fraudulent emails are sent with the purpose of getting unsuspecting users to give up personal and financial information. Phishing is a fraud that tries to steal personal information. Please do not reply to emails requesting personal information although they may appear to have been sent by Metaps. Metaps has not and will never request personal information such as username, password, or credit card information through email. In the event you have inadvertently entered personal information or replied to suspicious emails, pop-up displays, or fake websites, please contact “” immediately.

1. Use of Cookies

Metaps uses browser cookies for the purposes of usage tracking. Cookies are small text-files that are stored on Users' hard-disks for user identification and cannot be used to run programs or infect Users' computers with viruses.

Although Metaps utilizes cookies, Metaps never store personal data in Users’ cookies. Cookies are used for the purposes of improving the User experience of Metaps' services and website. For example, cookies are used for the following purposes:

1. To recognize Users who revisit the website

2. To keep track of Applications that Users have saved, uploaded, or registered and to record Applications in User accounts

3. To process purchase orders and enable Users to make payments through Paypal when Users have web-accounts

4. To identify what services were sought by guests to the site through search inputs, as well as track their movements through the site

Through the use of cookies, Metaps tracks what websites Users visited before accessing the Metaps website. Apart from this, all other User information regarding usage of external websites is not and will not be tracked.

Users can choose to either accept or deny cookies as it is possible to deny cookies through browser settings. However, if cookies are denied, the Metaps website may not run normally. For example: if all cookies are rejected, certain portions of the website cannot be browsed, registration functions will be unavailable, and the overall User experience may be negatively affected.

2. Use of Web Beacons

In order to determine what sort of web content is effective and to better manage it, Metaps utilizes a software technology known as Clear GIF (also known as Web Beacon or Web Bug). Clear GIFs are small images with identification codes that have the same functions as cookies and are used to track Users' online movements. Unlike cookies that are stored on a user's hard disk, Clear GIFs are embedded in e-mail or on web pages in an invisible format , and they are approximately the same size as a period. Metaps uses Web Beacons to get a grasp of cookie transmission and number of visits, as well as to confirm the opening of sent emails.

3. Links to Other Websites

On the Metaps website, there may be links to other websites that are thought to be beneficial to Users. As these external sites are operated independently of Metaps, their privacy protection and security measures are also taken independently. In order to optimize your online experience, it is strongly recommended that Users confirm policies regarding privacy and security adopted by each site. Regarding the contents and policies of links placed on the Metaps website, Metaps bears no responsibility for them as the links are placed solely for the purposes of convenience and to provide Users with information.

Information Storage

It is not Metaps' intent to store User’s personal data indefinitely. When it has been deemed unnecessary from a legal or business standpoint, the personal data will promptly be deleted.

Disabling Advertising ID

In the event you wish to remove your device from the use of Metaps' services and products, please disable your advertising ID through device settings. Once this has been completed, Metaps will no longer use such advertising ID.

Disabling ID

In the event that the User wishes to remove their mobile device from the use of Metaps' services or products, they should contact “” so that Metaps can perform the removal process.

Rights to Privacy/ Questions & Comments

Metaps will not release Users’ personal data to third parties without Users’ consent, nor will we do so outside the scope of applicable laws and the provisions thereof. Metaps will endeavor to ensure that employees, officers, agents, consultant, and contractors involved in the collection, use, and release of data, comply with all applicable laws in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact “”.

Effective Date: January 4, 2021
- End -